We entered a whole weekend learning how to do Tracking and do Working Trials. With both Robin and Maya we arrived on Friday night and started with easy tracks on Saturday morning. Followed by obedience stuff like heel work, send away, stays, retrieve and jumps (2 years and over). In the evening we did a 2 ½ hour night track, where the dogs had to follow a 1-½ hour old track through farmland and rabbit droppings!

Even though our dogs had no previous experience and only learned how to track that very morning with our (the owners) scent. They did pick up the scent of the track layer, after more experienced dogs showed the first bit. Sunday we did another 2 hour track and both Robin and Maya got the hang of it! Every dog had a few turns walking in front finding the track and the articles that were dropped on the tracks. Especially Robin had a very hard time letting other dogs follow that track when it wasn’t his turn to walk in front. If it was up to him, he would have done the whole track by himself :roll: