CH Falco des Gardiens de Broceliande CGC-B RA CDX

Falco des Gardiens de BroceliandeFalco is a very gentle, loving dog. He loves to play fetch and is very social around people and friendly but slightly aloof with other dogs. He sired successful litters in France and New Zealand.

Falco gained his NZ Champion breed title and CGC-F qualification in 2013. And his CGC-B temperament test qualification in 2014. At the moment he is being trained weekly in Competitive Obedience and Rally-Obedience. Falco got his Rally-O Novice title in 2014 and Rally-O Advanced title in 2015 so the working title RN and RA are now added to his name. He is has a good drive, yet is very gentle, a dream to work with.

Falco is the FIRST White Swiss Shepherd in Australasia to gain RN, RA, CD and CDX title. What a star!!

We want to thank Sylvie Golliot for letting Falco go and also many thanks to my parents for preparing Falco’s big trip to New Zealand in 2012.

NZ CH Falco des Gardiens de Broceliande CGC-B RA CDX (Falco)

Country of origin: France
HD B (FCI scores)
ED 0/0
MDR1 clear
DM clear
Weight 34 Kg.
Teeth full dentition and correct scissors bite
DNA profiled
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For Rally-O and Obedience results, scroll down this page.

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Rally-Obedience - Novice A

100 points max. , 90 points needed to qualify
22-03-14 Wairarapa  84 points
22-03-14 Wairarapa  82 points
28-06-14 Titahi Bay  98 points  1st place
29-06-14 Titahi Bay  98 points  3rd place
13-09-14 Horowhenua  100 points  1st place
14-09-14 Horowhenua  98 points  2nd place
25-10-14 National DOA  89 points  3rd place
25-10-14 National DOA  100 points  1st place
27-10-14 National DOA  99 points  1st place

Rally-Obedience - Advanced A

100 points max. , 95 points needed to qualify
08-11-14 Upper Hutt 89 points
08-11-14 Upper Hutt 96 points
09-11-14 Upper Hutt 99 points 1st place

Obedience - Special Beginners

75 points max. , 72 points to qualify
22-03-14 Wairarapa  66.5 points
26-04-14 Wainuomata  63.5 points 4th place
03-05-14 Wanganui  69.5 points 3rd place
04-05-14 Wanganui  70.0 points 3rd place
17-05-14 Central All Breeds  68.5 points 3rd place
14-06-14 Avalon  70.0 points 3rd place
28-06-14 Titahi Bay  70.0 points 4th place
29-06-14 Titahi Bay  70.0 points 3rd place
12-07-14 Horowhenua  63.0 points 2nd place
30-08-14 Tararua  69.5 points 2nd place
31-08-14 Tararua  ?? points
06-09-14 Hawkes Bay 72.5 points 1st place
07-09-14 Hawkes Bat 72.0 points 1st place
13-09-14 Horowhenua 72.0 points 1st place
14-09-14 Horowhenua 70.0 points 1st place
25-10-14 National DOA 71.0 points 3rd place
27-10-14 National DOA 70.5 points 7th place

Obedience - Novice

100 points max. , 96 points needed to qualify


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