Pandorras Magic-Dolphin


Milo has the loveliest temperament, inherited from her mum Nike. Open, confident, easy going and willing to learn.
Her body and head are of solid build, she has good pigment and a nice long full coat.

Milo is co-owned with Liz and her family and we want to thank them for raising such a lovely dog! Milo regularly stays at our place for a holiday or when she is in season. She fits in with all dogs, loves to play with any dog and at the same time Milo is very people focused too.


Pandorras Magic-Dolphin (Milo)

Country of origin: New Zealand
HD 2:2 (NZ scores) A:A (International scores)
ED 0/0
MDR1 clear
Weight 33 Kg.
Teeth  full dentition and correct scissors bite
DNA profiled

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