Puppy transport NZ

We have years of experience transporting pups. We can help organising pet transport for you and will make sure your pup will arrive safely in an Airline approved cage.

Please contact us about the options available to get your puppy home.

What do we need from you to be able to book pet transport?

  • Full name of the person picking up the pup at the airport
  • Phone number
  • Full payment of cage and transport before we can book a flight for you

What to bring when you pick up your pup from the airport?

  • The person named on the travel documents MUST be the person picking up the pup
  • Flight number and reservation/reference number
  • Photo ID
  • Puppy collar and lead
  • Wet wipes and plastic bag, in case the pup has been motion sick on the plane
  • Poo bags, to clean up after your pup when it goes toilet
  • Car harnass, cage or towel for your lap, to travel the pup home in the car
  • Dog bowl and water, if the trip in the car is another long journey
  • IMPORTANT: pups in a cage are considered as cargo, for picking up you will need to go to National Cargo at the Airport.