About our White Swiss Shepherd puppies

We will only breed with dogs/bitches that have a sound temperament, good health scores and are true to the breed standard.
We started breeding NZKC registered White Swiss Shepherds in 2013.
Five of our dogs were imported from Europe and five were imported from Australia, selected on Temperament, Health and Beauty, with new bloodlines for New Zealand. We have invested in quality dogs from overseas to improve the Whites Swiss Shepherd breed (often called White Shepherd).

White Swiss Shepherd puppiesOur puppies are registered with DogsNZ (NZKC) under our prefix PANDORRAS and up to 2017 we were the only breeder in New Zealand offering DogsNZ registered White Swiss Shepherd puppies.

Temperament is our number one goal, it should be active, friendly and confident, yet alert and trainable. Our dogs are family members and when we have puppies, we will be looking for friendly (family) homes to place them in. Although most shepherds are good watchdogs, the pups will not be sold as guard dogs.

All Pandora Kennels White Swiss Shepherd puppies are born in our livingroom and during the 8-10 weeks that they are in our care, one of us will be home 24/7.