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Dog food

There are a few options you can feed your dog: Raw, BARF or Biscuits.
Remember a few things:

  • When you overfeed your pup, it might end up with hip and elbow problems. When you underfeed your pup it might end up with organ damage and growth problems. So when looking at your pup, it should be lean, NOT SKINNY and definitely NOT FAT.
  • An adult White Swiss Shepherd male should weigh 30 – 40 kg, an adult White Swiss Shepherd female should weigh 25 – 35 kg.
  • We recommend feeding your pup and adult dog, twice a day.

Pandora Kennels FoodRAW diet
40% raw meaty bones, for example: chicken necks, chicken frames, lambs brisket, beef brisket, veal bones.
40% muscle meat, for example: chicken mince, beef mince, veal mince, mutton mince, heart, horse mince
20% unbleached green tripe and organ meat: liver, kidney
a few pilchards a week
This can be bought frozen and you only have to de-frost it and give it to your dog. Do NOT cook it, as that makes the bones splinter which is potentially dangerous for your dog.
In 7-10 days your dogs needs to eat 3 different types of meaty bones, 3 different types of muscle meat, tripe and organs and pilchards. That way it will be a complete diet.
An adult White Swiss Shepherd needs about 1 – 1.5 kg of meat/meaty bones a day, divided over two meals.

BARF diet
80% raw meaty bones and meat (see Raw diet how to make a nutritious diet)
20% fish, fish oil, vegetables, alfalfa, seaweed, egg, organs and tripe

Definitely the most convenient diet, but not all White Swiss Shepherds are happy to eat biscuits.
Have a look on this website  to see what quality biscuits are, before you step into the marketing tricks of the giant dog food producers. Quality biscuits have at least 2 meats as first and second ingredient. Biscuits which have corn, grain, pulp or soy as their first and/or second ingredient are not good for your dog (this includes some of the well known biscuits like Science Diet). You pay for marketing only, as corn/soy/beetpulp is cheap as chips.

More and more dogs have allergies and can not handle the grain and fillers that are the main ingredient in most dog food biscuits. Also preservatives and food colouring used in biscuits can be the cause of an allergy.

What are we feeding our dogs and puppies?
Our puppies will get a mix of grain-free biscuits and raw.
1/2 Acana Large Breed Puppy biscuit (grain free)
1/2 raw (chicken, beef, veal, horse, heart, mutton, tripe, organs)

Our adults dogs are getting mainly raw.
1/3 grain-free biscuits (Orijen, Acana, Wishbone, Taste of the Wild)
2/3 raw (see above Raw diet)

Where to buy?
Biscuits we buy online through: (free shipping)
Frozen raw we order online through if they do not deliver in your area you can google for other raw food options in your area.