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All images on this website are of our dogs and puppies with the exception of the history and health sections. Do not copy or reproduce any content on this website without our permission.

Haere Mai -Welcome- to Pandora Kennels.

We own, breed, show, train and LOVE White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, often called White Shepherds. Our puppies are sold under our prefix Pandorras. We have good quality and well socialised White Swiss Shepherd puppies available on regular basis.

Pandorras Silver-Star (Koa) [photo Ian Hamlin]

Pandorras Silver-Star (Koa) [photo Ian Hamlin]

Pandora Kennels is the only breeder in NZ who breeds NZKC registered White Swiss Shepherds (2017).
Our dogs are active in several disciplines offered by the NZKC: Obedience, Rally-Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and conformation Breed shows.

Pandorras dogs are owned by dedicated people who love their dogs, be it as Foster parents, Show homes or Pet owners. I want to thank all these people for their trust and dedication to establish the White Swiss Shepherds in New Zealand.
We could not have done this without you 🙂