What’s in a name?

White Swiss Shepherd, White Shepherd, White German Shepherd, German Shepherd colour white. Why all these different names? Different breeds or not? Pure bred or not?

In New Zealand there is only one: White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, that are a recognized breed, have a breed standard and therefore can be registered with the NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club).

White Swiss Shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd is a breed on its own and NZKC registered dogs came into New Zealand only recently with the import of a few dogs from Europe that were already registered as FCI White Swiss Shepherd Dogs. More dogs have been imported since and a few litters a year are added to the numbers. White Swiss Shepherds with NZKC papers are the only whites that can be shown. Maybe not that interesting for a pet owner, but it does tell you that they are pure bred.

German Shepherd, colour white

The German Shepherd, colour white are pups that were born in a black and gold German Shepherd litter. When both parents were NZKC registered, the white pup(s) used to be able to be NZKC registered too, but this is no longer possible. According to the breedstandard for the German Shepherd Dog those white pups could not be shown or bred from.

In the UK the White Swiss Shepherd is not recognised as a breed, instead any white German Shepherd pup can be registered. Not as a different breed, but as a German Shepherd (colour white). These dogs can no longer be re-registered in an FCI country.

White Shepherd and White German Shepherd

White Shepherd and White German Shepherd in New Zealand are not recognized breeds, therefore dogs with these names will not have official pedigree papers. The NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club) is the only club in New Zealand that can provide official pedigree papers.

The UKC (United States) is recognising the whites as White Shepherd, a breed , but not the White Swiss Shepherd. However, a White Swiss Shepherd imported into the USA can be re-registered as a White Shepherd with the UKC. The FCI (Europe/South-America/Australia/NZ/Russia/Japan) is no longer re-registering the White Shepherds coming from the USA as White Swiss Shepherds.


All FCI (worldwide dog club) connected countries in Europe, South-Africa, Russia, South-America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are only accepting one breed for our whites: White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.
Dogs that used to be called White Shepherds have changed their name into White Swiss Shepherds after recognition of the breed in 1991.

See above for the naming of the whites in the USA and UK.

Pandora Kennels

We are very lucky to have imported FCI White Swiss Shepherds with both USA lines and UK lines, before the FCI closed the possibility for these lines to enrich the White Swiss Shepherd genepool. All our other lines are from Europe and South-Africa.

If you ever wonder why our pups are more expensive than a non NZKC registered pup, realise that we have 5 dogs imported from Europe and 2 dogs imported from Australia. The costs for that were phenomenal! Our pups come with official NZKC pedigree papers, the litter has been registered with the New Zealand kennel club, our are dogs are NZ Champions and have working titles, our pups are always microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and vet health checked before they go to their new homes. When we have a litter, apart from all the costs to raise the litter and keeping our dogs and dog-areas tip top, we will invest the money in bringing more dogs, more bloodlines, into NZ.

When breeding a relatively new breed it is every breeders duty to import new lines and not just have litter after litter with the same lines!